11 Reasons Why Omnisphere is worth the money (You Need to Read This!)

Omnisphere is definitely worth the money as it is one of the most powerful virtual instruments of all time. It has an incredible collection of sounds often considered impossible to recreate in a studio environment. The sounds are not only authentic, but they’re also refreshingly diverse and deep.

Better yet, Omnisphere is entirely customizable- a quality that makes it perfect for those who enjoy tweaking their gear to match their unique specifications and playing style. It is one of the most comprehensive soft synths today, and the sample library is one of the best in the market.

11 Reasons Why Omnisphere is Worth the Money

If you are fending to spend your hard-earned cash on this incredible tool, the following 11 reasons may sway you to take the plunge.

1. It’s Powerful and Easy to Use

When you open the program for the first time, you’ll be blown away by how much it only takes to start making music with Omnisphere. The interface is extremely user-friendly, even for beginners, with all of the tools and options laid out that are easy to learn and understand. For example, you can easily navigate the different areas of the program just by using the keys on your keyboard, and each area is fully labeled so that everything has a clear place.

While Omnisphere is more than a mere “virtual instrument”, it does not require you to spend hours trying to figure out how to do simple things such as changing some of the basic parameters or saving your song. For example, you can easily switch between your different patches for each tuning made in the PCE Suite in just one click.

2. It’s Compatible

Omnisphere is compatible with a vast number of other software, including some of the most popular DAW’s in the industry, such as Logic, FL Studio, and Ableton Live, etc.
It can also work very well with all of the popular plug-ins for specific DAWs, such as VST Instruments, MIDI Effects, and even ReWire.

This means that if you have an existing setup, you can continue to use it while working on your own music with Omnisphere.

3. It’s Deep

Omnisphere is a profound instrument, with each sound having a wide variety of parameters that you can easily tweak and edit in just a few moments.

It features many different waveforms that are all assignable for any given patch, making it possible to modify the sounds and create recognizable tones.
You can also easily adjust the range, pitch bend amount, detune amount, attack, decay time, etc.

It is also possible to play with Omnisphere without using an interface at all.

4. Huge Library

Omnisphere has a huge number of libraries of sounds set up so that you can quickly tweak any of the parameters and make it completely unique. Each patch library features multiple layers, making it possible to play with individual layers by changing the attack, decay, and other parameters. 

With the ability to control each layer differently, you can create really unique sounds by applying slight changes to each layer. The amazing range of sounds in Omnisphere is also why you can use it in any music genre, from electronic music, Dance music to Pop, Rock, and even orchestral music.

Omnisphere is even used for film music because of their beautiful sounds, amazing piano sounds, etc.
The latest version Omnisphere 2.6 has total sounds of 14806, which includes 9223 patches, 5439 sound sources, and 144 multis.

5. It’s a Stand-Alone DAW

While Omnisphere is primarily used by syncing it to your DAW of choice, you can use it as a stand-alone DAW. This means that you can play with your patches just like any other piece of software without being limited by any other instrument or digital audio workstation.

Omnisphere is easy to set up to run as a stand-alone DAW. You can also use external MIDI controllers to take advantage of all of the options available within this incredible program.

6. It’s Modular

Omnisphere is made up of different modules that you can build and combine, making it possible to change each patch’s tone and feel vast. For example, you can put all of your sound sources in the same column and apply the same type of effect to each source.

This makes it easy to recreate one sound from your favorite artist or band, no matter what style they play.

7. Reasonable Price

Omnisphere is one of the most reasonably priced VST instruments you can buy at the moment for just $499. While it does come with a high price tag, the number of sounds, controls, versatility, and features are unmatched by other virtual instruments.

It also has excellent sound quality that will only improve as you dive deeper into your project. The return on investment is definitely worth it for this fantastic music creation tool.

8. It’s beautiful

Omnisphere is not just an epic-sounding instrument. It is also a stunning-looking piece of software. With the combination of abstract images and stunning graphics, Omnisphere has an amazing interface that allows you to feel surrounded by music while you are creating it.

9. You Can Use Any MIDI Controller

Omnisphere can utilize any MIDI controller or keyboard that you want to use. You can easily adjust the key ranges, modulation, velocity, glide, etc., to use any MIDI controller with no issues whatsoever.

10. You Can Make Your Own Patches

One of the coolest features of Omnisphere is its ability to let you make your own patches for later use. This lets you change the sounds yourself and create your own samples and patches you want to use in multiple sets or projects.

11. It has an impressive array of controls

Omnisphere offers numerous controls for each patch, giving you complete control over the sound. You can adjust the pitch, amplitude, filter type, oscillator shape, and much more.

The amount of different types of controls in Omnisphere is one of the best features to be found in any synthesizer or other music software.


To conclude, Omnisphere is an incredible synthesizer and an absolute steal for its $499 price tag. It can create sounds you never thought possible, and it can do it all with the highest quality. The sound quality is amazing, and with thousands of presets to work with, you can make any music from hip hop to orchestral sound.


With the comprehensive patch browser, granular engine equipped with an amazing sound library, and amazing synth engine, you cannot go wrong with Omnisphere. Not to mention that each patch has multiple controls making it extremely easy to customize your song. So, I believe Omnisphere is worth the money and I hope I can win your hearts as well.

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