Can You Learn Electric Guitar Before Acoustic: Explained For Beginners!

Many people believe that you should always learn acoustic guitar first. Most beginners will probably think you should always learn to play an acoustic guitar before electric. But can you learn electric guitar before acoustic?

There are certainly some advantages to learning an acoustic guitar before learning electric guitar. But you can definitely learn electric first before acoustic as they are pretty similar. And even if you do learn electric guitar before acoustic, it won’t be hard to change over later.

So can you learn electric guitar before an acoustic? Yes! If you prefer electric guitar or happen to have an electric guitar, then feel free to start with that!

Can You Learn Electric Guitar Before Acoustic

My Favorite Choice For Electric Guitar For Beginner

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Is It Easy to Learn Electric Guitar After Acoustic?

It is certainly simpler to transition from an acoustic guitar to an electric guitar. Because you’re using your fingertips, the amount of pressure needed is lower than if you were playing on a regular electric guitar.

Moving from an acoustic guitar will feel very smooth and simple to produce good clear notes.

You will undoubtedly feel some discomfort in your fingers to move from electric to acoustic as you learn to increase the pressure.

If you’ve only played an electric guitar, moving to an acoustic will be uncomfortable for your hands, fingers, and wrist.

What Are The Advantages Of Learning Electric Guitar Before Acoustic?

Even though there are several advantages of learning acoustic before an electric guitar. There are still some advantages to learning electric guitar before acoustic, which are:

1) Lighter Strings

Most electric guitar strings are much lighter than acoustic strings, making them easy for guitarists to play for longer periods.

Acoustic guitar strings are usually heavier than electric guitars, which may cause your fingertips to tire out more quickly when playing an acoustic.

So if you want to practice regularly, then it is better that you learn on the lighter-stringed electric guitar first. It will also help with finger strength which is required when learning to play acoustic.

When you learn electric guitar first, the lighter strings will be easier for your fingers and wrists to move around on, making it a lot easier for beginners who’ve never played before!

2) Thinner Necks

One of the most popular reasons people decide to learn electric guitar first is that electric guitars have thinner necks.

The necks are usually slimmer on electric guitars, which means it is easier to press down the strings.

Learning your first chords can be pretty tricky at times, and with a thinner neck, you will find them much easier to push down, making it possible for beginners who have never played guitar before to learn their very first chord!

This makes it far easier for you to change chords and switch between strings, making your finger movements simpler!

3) Smaller Body Shape

The smaller body shape of the electric guitar is a lot easier for beginners to play around on.

An acoustic has a larger, bulkier body which can be very uncomfortable for some players who have never been used to playing an instrument before.

Electric guitars are much slimmer and more comfortable when you’re just starting out! So if you’re looking for an instrument that will feel good in the hands, then the electric guitar is much better than the acoustic!

Are Electric Guitars Easier on Fingers?

Electric guitars tend to be easier on your fingers because there is less resistance when strumming them. So you don’t need to put as much pressure into your fingers when playing an electric guitar.

The strings on electric guitars are usually lighter than those found on acoustic guitars and are generally made out of nylon or metal.

This means that you can easily pluck them with ease. Many players use their index fingers to pick these strings.

Are Electric Guitars Lighter than Acoustic?

Electric guitars are generally heavier than their acoustic counterparts. An electric guitar’s body is a solid piece of wood.

This makes them quite heavy, but usually have a thinner neck than acoustic, making them easier to carry than most acoustic guitars.

On the other hand, an acoustic guitar has a hollowed-out bottom, which means lighter than electric guitars.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Good Player On An Electric Guitar?

Learning how to play an electric guitar takes time. There are many techniques and skills involved in becoming a great player.

The more experience you gain, the better you’ll become. So don’t expect to become a professional overnight.

Playing an electric guitar is not like playing an acoustic guitar, where you just need to strum the strings.

Because there are so many ways to play an electric guitar, you’ll have to learn them all.

In addition, you’ll also have to learn chords, scales, and other important things.

And this isn’t something that happens overnight.


So if you’re looking to learn your first chord, you should not be afraid to learn electric guitar before an acoustic guitar.

It will be far easier to press down on the strings, and you can also use an index finger or middle fingerpick technique with ease!

Most people will tell you to learn acoustic guitar first and never learn electric guitar before practicing acoustic first.

An acoustic may be the more preferred option to learn first. But it takes a lot more strength to play them properly, so you should not worry if you want to learn an electric guitar first if you’re a beginner.

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