Can You Put Steel Strings On a Classical Guitar? (You Need To Read This!)

If you got a classical guitar and you have some steel strings unused somewhere in your drawer. I bet you’re wondering if I can put steel strings on my classical guitar?

The Short answer is No. You cannot use Steel Strings on a classical guitar because the tension of steel strings is much greater than nylon strings and, therefore, can damage the guitar.

Can You Put Steel Strings On a Classical Guitar

Why Can’t I Put Steel Strings On a Classical Guitar?

Steel strings are made from metal wire which is wound around an iron core. This makes them stronger than nylon or gut strings. They have higher tensile strength so that they won’t stretch out over time.

However, when compared with nylon strings, steel strings are heavier and stiffer. As such, they require more pressure to string them properly. 

Classical guitars are built for nylon strings, and as such, it cannot strings that need high tension like steel strings. The guitar will not be able to handle such tension, which will cause a bent neck, tuner damage, or permanent damages to the wood body of your guitar.

What Is the Difference Between a Steel String and a Nylon String?

Nylon Strings

When contrasted to steel strings, these strings provide a substantially mellower sound. 

Flamenco and classical musicians mostly use strings of this type. It is the favorite string of students still learning the skill.

When compared to steel-string acoustic guitars, classical guitars feature a wider neck. This generally leads to a bigger neck profile, though certain models may have a flatter C shape. These guitars are remarkably comfortable to play, despite their larger necks.

Steel Strings

When it comes to tone, steel strings are more loud and bright. In comparison to nylon strings, they also have a bigger body.

Country-western, folk, Celtic, pop, and rock musicians appreciate them because of the grittier tone they provide.

To support the tension caused by the string, guitars that employ this type of string have a stronger bracing within the body and a strengthened bridge.

There Is A Special Steel Strings Made For Classical Guitar

If you still want to put steel strings on a classical guitar, there is one way! There are steel strings which are made specifically for use in classical guitar. It’s called Thomastik-Infeld Classical Guitar Strings. 

These strings are specially engineered to work well with a classical guitar. There are two versions which are:

1) Thomastik-Infeld KF110 Classical Guitar Strings:

2) Thomastik-Infeld KR116 Classical Guitar Strings

3)Thomastik-Infeld CF128 Classical Guitar Strings: Classic N Series 6 String Set

4) Thomastik-Infeld CR127 Classical Guitar Strings

Conclusion – Can You Put Steel Strings On a Classical Guitar

Your classical guitar will be safe and sound if you don’t use steel strings. Steel strings are great for electric guitars, but they can damage your classical guitar so try the Thomastik-Infeld brand or nylon strings instead.

If you want to see what a new set of steel-stringed would do before committing to them, then go ahead! You may love the difference in tone that comes with using metal on your instrument.

The only risk is damaging it permanently by trying something different out.

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