FL Studio: 9 Things You Should Know (Explained)

FL Studio is one of the most popular Digital Work Station in today’s music production industry. From beginners to professionals, FL Studio plays a vital role in their music carrier. But many music producers, especially the one starting out, there can be many questions about this awesome DAW. So let’s try to answer the most common questions asked about FL Studio. 

FL Studio
FL Studio

1. Is FL Studio Cpu Intensive? 

FL Studio and most of the other DAWs available today use quite a lot of CPU resources. The more the CPU power, the greater will FL Studio work. FL Studio can utilize as many cores as the CPU has, and for a bigger project which uses many plugins and samples, you need to have a good CPU or else FL Studio will not be able to work properly and will eventually crash. 

For FL Studio to work smoothly, try to get at least Intel i5 processor or AMD Ryzen 5, 4 GB of ram, Windows 8.1, 10, or later. FL Studio depends highly on CPU power, so the higher the CPU core, the better will FL Studio perform. 

2. Is FL Studio all plugins bundle worth it

This depends greatly on the users. Many FL Studio users just bought the Signature edition or the Producer edition and just bought additional plugins like Harmor, Morphine, Poizone, etc which is only available on the All plugins bundle. 

But many users prefer to go all in and just bought the FL Studio all plugins bundle and spend the extra dollar. 

Right now, there are four FL Studio Editions: 

  1. Fruity ($99): The entry-level edition contains the basic minimum features, best for beginners who want to get their hands wet on FL Studio. 
  1. Producer ($199): This is the most popular edition and the most bought edition among FL Studio productions. It includes all of the Fruity edition plus many other plugins to create and produce a full song and this edition even has mic recording features. If you’re on a budget but still want a full version then go for this edition.
  1. Signature ($299): The signature bundle has everything from the Producer Edition with much more added advanced plugins, effects, and instruments like Hardcore(11 Guitar FX), Pitcher, DirectWave full, Harmless, Fruity Video Player, and Newtone. If you want to become a professional and have mastered FL Studio, then you might consider buying or upgrading to the Signature Edition.
  1. All Plugins Edition($499): This is the most expensive and the biggest bundle of all the FL Studio Edition. It is packed with features of all the other signatures combined plus native plugins and effects which is available only on the All Plugins Edition. Famous plugins like Harmor, Morphine, Ogun, Drumaxx, PoiZone, Sakura, Sawer, Toix Biohazard, Transistor Bass, and Transient Processor. If you want the best of the best and don’t care about the budget, then you should definitely go with the All Plugins Edition. 

3. Is FL Studio a virus? 

There are many pirated FL Studios that can be downloaded on the internet and many of them might contain viruses. There was a rumor that there was some kind of malware in FL Studio version 12 but that seems to be incorrect. 

If you bought the software and download it from their official site, then you don’t need to worry about it. Just be sure that you download it from their official site https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-download/ 

On the safe side, you should scan the setup or any other software for that matter through your antivirus and antimalware tools. 

4. Is FL Studio compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, it is said on their official site that FL Studio is compatible with Windows 8.1, 10 or later which means you will have no trouble installing your FL Studio on Windows 10. Just make sure you have the latest version of FL Studio. 

FL Studio has been in the music industry for a decade which means the older versions were created even before Windows 10. Therefore, the older version might have some trouble with Windows 10 and above. 

5. Is FL Studio compatible with Catalina?

The newer versions of FL Studio 20.5 and upwards are 100% compatible with Mac Catalina. If you are a Mac user and are on the fence about compatibility, you can rest assured that there will be nothing to worry about.  

6. Is FL Studio better on mac or pc?

Which is better for music production: Mac and PC? This has been an ongoing debate for a decade. Honestly speaking, both have cons and pros and they both work great with FL Studio. PC users will probably say that FL studio is better with PC while a Mac user will tell a different story. 

FL Studio was difficult with Mac on their older version and there was not a lot of support for Mac users. But from version 20  onwards, FL Studio is now fully compatible and the workflow is as smooth as PC. So, if you are a PC user, FL Studio will work great and if you are a Mac user, you will have no problem with it either. So the choice is yours. If you have a PC you don’t need to buy a Mac just for the sake of using FL Studio, and vice versa.

7. Does FL Studio come with autotune?

FL Studio comes with a real-time pitch correction plugin called Pitcher. Pitcher can manipulate and harmonized and correct a tune under MIDI control from a piano roll or from a keyboard. Pitcher is available from the Signature Bundle onwards. 

There is also a pitch correction, sample manipulation, and editing software called Newtone which is bundled in the FL Studio and is available from the Signature Bundle onwards as well. 

8. Is FL Studio ever on sale?

FL Studio earned its popularity because of its competitive price compared to the other DAWs available in the market. So they rarely go on sale because they are already very cheap. But they would occasionally run promotions and will have some of their plugins or software for sale. You just have to keep an eye out for it, as they usually don’t announce it beforehand. 

9. What is FL Studio demo?

Image-Line offers a demo version of their FL Studio software which is like the Producer Edition version. You can create and record full audio with it but the main difference between a demo version and a licensed version is that in a demo version you cannot save the project. You can only play with it but if you want to save the project you need to purchase the license. 

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