Is a Singer a Musician? Answering That Age-Old Question!

Every singer is a musician, but every musician may not be a singer. Let me explain. Music is a very broad term that includes anything that uses sound to communicate.

This means that everything from playing the guitar to singing to dancing to playing the piano can all be considered music. In fact, the word “music” itself means “that which sounds,” so it’s very broad.

Singing is one of the oldest forms of music, and it has always been a part of our lives. We don’t think about it, but every time we hear a song on the radio, we listen to a singer who uses his voice to express something. So, whether you are a singer or not, you use your voice just like any other instrument to create music.

So, a singer is also a musician. Like a musician uses a musical instrument to create a meaningful melodious sound, a singer also uses his vocal instrument to make a melody.  

In this post, I will explain in detail why a singer is a musician. 

Is a Singer a Musician

What Is The Difference Between a Singer And a Musician?

A singer is a person who uses his voice to make a sound that contains musical notes, melodies, and, most crucially, the song’s words or lyrics that a songwriter has written.

A musician is someone who performs the melody of a song on a certain musical instrument like a guitar, piano, drums, etc., that is required. Similarly, there are, or can be, a variety of musicians who will play various instruments and produce diverse noises, all of which will blend in with the song performed by the singer.

A singer is essentially a musician who uses his voice to make notes and melodies from his throat. All singers can be called musicians, but all musicians are not necessarily singers and are not required to be one.

What Qualifies Someone As a Musician?

Those who create, compose or perform music are musicians. The definition of what qualifies someone as a musician has evolved and changed depending on the cultural context in which they were living.

It is important to understand that for someone to be considered a musician. They must have skills in playing musical notes or rhythms and the ability to create music.

To be a musician, it’s essential that you have musical talent. In addition to possessing the skills of playing an instrument and singing, one must also have artistic ability.

Furthermore, this person should enjoy performing in front of others and having a significant amount of recognition from their peers through their work.

A singer is considered a musician because they sing with their voice rather than using guitars, pianos, or other musical instruments. His instrument is his voice. And by practicing their vocal ability in such a way that will sound like a beautiful, melodic tune, this becomes music to the people who hear them.

Does a Musician Count As An Artist?

It all relies on how the phrase is defined and applied. Music is unquestionably an art form; thus, a musician is an artist in that sense. Traditionally, however, the term was reserved for painters and sculptors. It was only applied to musicians and others to emphasize their exceptionally high level of expertise.

It now appears to be a marketing word. Most media now refer to any singers as artists, regardless of how young or unskilled they are. Some musicians don’t think the term ‘artist’ should not be used lightly as artists seem to have a deeper meaning than musicians. But this is an argument that will last a lifetime.

Some define an artist as an individual who can manipulate some sort of medium into a meaningful purpose. And say that for musicians, that medium is sound. Other mediums will be visual, audio, non-musical, writing, dancing, and the list.


I hope you enjoyed this article and answered all your doubts about if a singer is a musician. Remember, it’s not about being good or bad at singing; it’s about being good at expressing yourself through music. 

So if you are a singer but don’t play any musical instruments, you are still a musician whether other people say otherwise. So be confident and keep on rocking!

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