Is FL Studio Good for Beginners? (Things you should know)

If you’re a professional and trained music maker, then FL Studio is definitely one of the best choices for you! They have so many unique features and plug-ins that can be catered to your needs. However, no matter how complicated they may seem, anyone can still quickly learn the software, making it good for beginners. 

What is FL Studio?

FL Studio is one of the most renowned Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) in Belgium that allows you to arrange, compose, record, and mix your music. Moreover, you can edit and produce from all around the world as they have international resellers from each continent; you can access their full list on their website. 

You can download their application on Windows, iOS, and Android devices, making it even more convenient for on-the-go producers. All you need to do is connect your device to your Wi-Fi services. Plus, you can also share your workstation across your devices through their Wi-Fi Share feature. 

Who is it best for?

The program has been in innovation for more than two decades now, and since their release, they have been able to cater to millions of DJs, producers, and artists worldwide. If you’re in that industry and try to create the best music possible, consider purchasing the software. 

Most hip-hop artists actually prefer FL Studio since its mixers and convenient step sequencer can help them by handling notes, synchronizing their beats, and offering drum machines. 

Can you make money through it?

Of course, you can make money out of FL Studio. You can use the program to create and produce your own music tracks, generating some income if you sell and market them correctly. Once you learn how to use all of its features and fully maximize the program, then your investment is even better.

Many famous and professional artists use it; that in itself should prove that it’s a good source of money. It might be a bit more difficult as a beginner since you will need a learning curve, but once you get the experience and skill to create products that the market and consumers want, you can definitely make it a full-time job and earn a living. 

Why is it good for beginners?

They have a program catered to beginners, which offers simpler and fewer features than the others, mainly because entry-level professionals don’t usually need them. However, it does not have an audio recording option, so if you’re a singer, this may not be the best one for you. 

FL Studio also offers various tutorials for their users on their website. There you can see video series like “Getting started (with 23 videos),” “Experienced users (with 113 videos),” “Performance mode (with 28 videos),” and “FL Studio Mobile (with 42 videos).”

If you’re a beginner, it’s effortless to access these as they’re also on Youtube. They have videos for everyone of any skill level, so you can just watch them one by one when you’re just starting. 

Which version of FL Studio is the best for beginners?

FL Studio Fruity Edition is the best version of FL Studio for beginners since its features are designed to make it easier for you to navigate. Everything is a lot more straightforward as compared to the Producer Edition, amongst others. 

Above that, it’s also one of the most worth it for its price of $99.00, just under a hundred USD. If you have a limited budget as an entry-level professional, it’s easily affordable for you to start.

However, it also has its own vital disadvantages. It has limited features due to its simplicity, and it also does not have audio clips and recordings, which makes it unsuited for singers and artists. 

Regardless, if you’re an upcoming DJ or Hip-hop mixer, FL Studio Fruity Edition still has everything you need. 

Is FL Studio better than other DAWs for beginners?

Evidently, each DAW has its own disadvantages and advantages. This article will help you understand why FL Studio is one of the best ones, moreover, give you more options that might be better for your skillset and needs. 

1. Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools, annually priced at $299.00, is one of the best and most popular DAWs for more experienced artists and producers. It is known for its organizational tools called the Routing Folder that makes everything more convenient and easy to navigate. 

It also has the DAW core features such as simultaneous voices and tracks (48 kHz/96 kHz/192 kHz). 32 maximum inputs, and 1024 MIDI tracks. If you’re producing as a band, you can also create your instrumental tracks on the program since it offers 512 instrument tracks and 128 auxiliary tracks.

Is it better than FL Studio for beginners?

No, it is not. In terms of user-interface, the two programs are similar; however, Avid Pro Tools may be more complicated and advanced to use for beginners, so you may have trouble adjusting to it. It is suggested that you start with the free version first to see if the features and interface are suitable. Plus, it’s a lot more expensive to subscribe to the Avid Pro Tools, so just keep that in mind when deciding, especially as a beginner.

2. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X, priced at $199.99, is known for its effects and automated controls that most professionals use for efficiency. Those features include: (1) the Remix FX that has stutters, echoes, filters, and gating effects, (2) the Logic Remote that can control Live Loops, Remix FX, and others through their Multi-Touch gestures, the (3) Novation Launchpad to adjust mixer levels, input notes, and cells, and (4) the Step Sequencer that can create beats, bass lines, mixer levels, and melodic plug-ins. 

Just like Avid Pro Tools, band producers and artists can also utilize this program to create their instrumentals since Logic Pro X also has playable instruments like keyboards, guitars, and drum pads on your screen.

Is it better than FL Studio for beginners?

In terms of pricing, Logic Pro X is not far from the FL Studio, but it’s only available in iOS and macOS. If you’re an Apple user, then seriously consider this as its features are effortless to use: they have control keys and touchpads that help you organize your most frequently used controls. 

In that way, it’s better than FL Studio for beginners since it has more versatile and convenient control systems. Plus, the software works far more quickly than all the other DAWs. The only problem that you will encounter is its unavailability to other operating systems.

3. Audacity

Unlike the former programs mentioned above, Audacity is actually free. It can do most of the things that the other DAWs can, but just with less complication. You can import, edit, and combine sound files and even simultaneously export your recordings into many formats. 

It’s mostly used by artists and song-recording since its recording features are one of the best out of all the DAWs. It can record 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit, and sample rates and formats, and if you want to sing directly into the microphone, you can! You may even use the mixer and digitize those recordings through the program.

You can have a live preview of LADSPA, LV2, VST, and Audio Unit (macOS) effects, and you can edit your own personalized plug-ins by rewriting them.

Is it better than FL Studio for beginners?

Audacity is definitely better for beginners. It offers up-to-par access to basic features that all beginners need. Moreover, it’s so much more convenient and user-friendly because its features are more straightforward with its extensive amount of keyboard shortcuts. 

It’s effortless with its cut, copy, paste, and delete options. You can also undo and redo your actions with just a few clicks, so if you make mistakes, you can very conveniently go back. Most of all, it’s completely free to use.

The only con is that it does not have the advanced features for experts, so if you’re already becoming more skilled and require more features, it is suggested to upgrade to the other DAWs mentioned in this article. 

4. Ableton Live

Ableton Live 11, priced at $449.00, is one of the most worth-it DAWs at their price since they have unlimited Audio, MIDI tracks, and scenes. You can also send and return up to 12 tracks, with 256 mono audio input and output channels. You can capture MIDI, edit linked-tracks, slice your audio, and convert audio into MIDI. 

The program also includes 10 GB worth of more than 1800 sounds, 6 software instruments, 36 audio effects, and 13 MIDI effects.

Is it better than FL Studio for beginners?

It’s better for beginners since its interface is much more straightforward, and they offer an info-view window feature that gives the users a short description of the window’s function. If you’ve gotten more skilled, it’s still one of the best DAWs available in the market because of its distinctive features and plug-ins. 

5. Traverso DAW

Traverso DAW has one of the best audio engines and is also one of the best free DAWs out there since you can also record your mic live and save those recordings into .wav files, .ogg, or .wavpack formats. It also has a really quick mouse and keyboard control that allows you to edit your projects very speedily.

Is it better than FL Studio for beginners?

Because it lacks all the “pro” features, it really is one of the best DAWs for beginners. More than that, you also have unlimited undo and redo options, so you can smoothly go back if you make mistakes. You can get used to producing and editing without worrying about all the complicated windows. Considering it’s free as well, it easily beats the FL Studio Fruity Edition.

6. Cubase 11 Pro

Cubase 11 Pro, priced at $706.47, is one of the most expensive DAWs out there, but its features do not disappoint. It has such expensive and unique automated options like Audio Warp Quantize, MixConsole, Sampler Track 2, VariAudio 3, Scale assistant, Spectral Comparison EQ, MediaBay, ReWire, and Groove Agent SE.

You can also utilize its channel strips, chord pads, comping, and colorized mixer channels to create your audio files efficiently. More than that, it has ARA, OMF, AAF, and Softube Console 1 support that can add inclusivity to your experience.

Just like the other DAWs, Cubase 11 Pro also has its own organizational tools that can make your workspaces more convenient and accessible. It has a control room, easy side-chaining features, track archives, track visibility management, and even a notepad. 

Is it better than FL Studio for beginners?

They’re really similar in terms of software and functionality, but Cubase has a more customizable and personalized workspace. Because of that, Cubase is a bit better than FL Studio for beginners. More than that, it has regular updates for free that make your experience overall better in time.

However, its really high price may not be as affordable to beginners as FL studio. It’s almost seven times as expensive as the FL Studio Fruity Edition, but if you want to invest in an excellent all-in-one program, it’s definitely worth its price. 


For beginners, FL Studio offers a user-friendly workstation that gives entry-level professionals access to premium features without overwhelming complication. Moreover, the company provides various tutorials and guides for any users who are still new to the industry. 

However, just like any program, it has its cons. The workstation doesn’t have much customization that might be a bit difficult for beginners to navigate. There are also free and cheaper DAWs that might not have as many advanced and premium featuresーsome that beginners don’t needーbut still get the jobs done.

Still, you have to consider all of the details, such as the advantages and disadvantages of each DAW, to really decide which one is the best for you. They’re all different, and you have to learn more about them, moreover, yourself and your goals, before purchasing and subscribing to one. These are your money and products, after all. 

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