M-Audio Air 192|4 Review: Read This Before You Buy It!

One of the most important things for anyone who wants to start producing music at home is a good Audio Interface. Audio Interfaces have been in the market for decades, and many brands are trying to reinvent themselves.
However, there are certain factors that all audio interfaces should have and M-Audio 192|4 is one of the best on the market. This blog will review one of the best Audio Interfaces for Home Studio music producers.

M-Audio Air 192|4 Review

Features of M-Audio Air 192|4

  • The M-Audio Air 192|4 is one of the best Audio Interfaces on the market
  • It features 24-bit/192kHz resolution, Hi-Speed USB circuitry for a faster connection with minimal latency,
  • Transparent Crystal preamps and ultra pristine A/D converters
  • VU LED meters to balance level accuracy and control headphone volume independently
  • Essential features like stereo out saturation preserving and separate headphone out are perfect for tracking.
  • For Zero latency, there is a USB/Direct Knob
  • The built-in sound card in the M-Audio Air 192|4 works with a variety of Mac and PC audio recording software, including Pro Tools® M-Powered™ 10, Reason®, Cubase®, and more.
  • It works with virtually any Mac or PC and can be used with various popular music production applications. Check out which applications below the device work best with this universal Audio Interface.
  • It has a rugged metal chassis and is very easy to set up.

What Comes In The Box?

The M-Audio Air 192|4 comes in a lovely box and includes the following:

  1. Good USB-C-to-USB-C Cable
  2. USB-C-to-USB-A Cable
  3. Easy to read User Guide
  4. Pro Tools, Ableton Live Lite and other software download Cards
  5. Safety and Warranty Manual


The M-Audio Air 192|4 Audio interface is widely available on the internet and in stores. On Amazon, it is available at the price range of $110 – $220, depending on the bundle it includes.
I have always considered it a really good price for a fantastic product, and it is worth every penny.
The M-Audio Air 192|4 is one of the best Audio Interfaces on the market. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start producing music at home.

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Quality of the audio interface

The M-Audio Air 192|4 is one of the best Audio Interfaces on the market. In terms of quality, it can be used by novices who are just starting with their home studio and by professionals who want an excellent interface for their next project. The sound quality is very good, and the preamps are transparent enough to give you an excellent sound without making it too loud or too soft.

Does the M-Audio Air 192|4 have phantom power?

Yes, the M-Audio Air 192|4 has Phantom Power. An on/off switch is located between the headphone jack and the instrument jack on the front side.

Who Is It For

The M-Audio Air 192|4 is perfect for people who want to start producing music at home. It is also great for DJs who want to take their performances to a whole new level.
However, the M-Audio Air 192|4 isn’t only for home producers and DJs. Still, it can be used by professionals as well.
M-Audio Air 192 4 is the perfect audio interface for anyone looking for high-quality mic preamps, lots of great features, and an easy setup.


The M-Audio Air 192|4 is one of the best Audio Interfaces for Home Studio music producers because it has high-quality preamps with very low noise.

Conclusion of M-Audio 192|4 Review

M-Audio 192|4 is the best audio interface available in the market. It features an advanced 24-bit/192kHz resolution with Hi-Speed USB for a faster connection and minimal latency.
It also supports popular applications like Pro Tools M-Powered 10, Reason®, and Cubase®, making it most convenient for home studio musicians to produce music in their studios.

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