What DAW Does Kanye Use? (2-Minutes Read!)

Kanye West is known for many things, including his Grammy Awards, his music, and, of course, his fashion.

But what does he use to create his amazing sound? We know he uses the Akai MPC2000, but what about the rest of his equipment? And we all certainly like to know what DAW does Kayne uses? 

As far as we can know, Kayne does not use any DAW in his music-making process. He uses sampling instruments like Akai MPC and Roland VS 1880 and many other workstations for his music.

What DAW Does Kanye Use

Does That Mean Kayne Don’t Use DAW at all?

In an old interview found on Youtube, he said he did not use any DAW, which is why I said Kayne did not use any DAW. 

But that was an old interview, and it was a time when a DAW was not at its height of popularity. In today’s world, Digital Work Station is almost at the point where it is impossible to work without them.

After all, we are living in a digital age. If you only try to use analog tools, that is certainly not enough to record music and promote them on digital music platforms like Spotify, apple music, etc.  

It certainly is a reality that Kayne will or have been using a DAW these days. He also works closely with many music producers who certainly use DAWs like Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Studio One, FL Studio, and much more in their music studio.

It is also found from some Reddit posts that he uses FL Studio and says that FL Studio was the future. This proves that Kayne is now or has somewhat transitioned into using a DAW in creating his music.

How Does Kayne Make Music

As far as we know, Kayne uses only hardware instruments to make his music. He used Akai MPC2000, Roland VS 1880 24-bit Digital Audio Workstation, Ensoniq ASR-10 Keyboard, and Gemini PT-1000 II Turntable for his sampling process. 

All the recording process was done just with this hardware which is quite impressive in our modern time. But this was a long time back before the digital era.

Now times have changed, and this kind of hardware process is not almost at the point of being obsolete.

And suppose Kayne wants to compete with the new age modern musicians like Travis Scott, David Guetta, and others in today’s music industry. In that case, he would undoubtedly need to adapt and use digital music tools such as FL Studios and other DAWs. 

Which Other Instruments Does Kayne Use

Kayne has been seen with many studio types of equipment in his pictures. Some of Kayne Wests’ instruments are

Akai MPC 2000

Akai MPC 2000 is a PCM/MIDI sampler and 16-bit/44.1kHz sound engine. Perfect for triggering phrases, creative sound design, and MIDI-driven effects while using the MPC software.

MPC 2000’s colossal feature set provides for an unprecedented level of control and velocity sensitivity. It is the ultimate flexible device for DJ-ing and sound design with limitless sampling options and combinations. 

Sony C-800G

The Sony C-800G is the perfect choice for someone who wants to make a professional sound. This shotgun microphone is easy to use and offers high sensitivity in various applications, including vocals, voice-overs, and acoustic instruments.

The built-in cooling system makes the microphone more consistent, and the low noise and distortion make this an excellent choice for studio recording.

The sizeable dual-diaphragm capsule allows you to capture every sound, which you need for any professional recording. Add in some low latency, and it makes a perfect choice.

Telefunken ELM251E

The Telefunken ELA M 251E is a stunning microphone reissue of a legend. 

The edge termination, CK-12 capsule, and external power supply are all indicative of Telefunken’s attention to historic detail. 

This mic will make you sound like a true pro.

Audio Technica AT 4060

Audio-Technica brings you the warmth of vintage tube sounds to every shade of the spectrum.

With a dynamic response that far surpasses that of other tube mics, it can capture the subtle nuances of vocal and instrumental performances as well as handle extreme SPL environments.

Beats By Dre Studio headphones

The headphones are designed with a unique style that fits with any outfit and style. They are made with durable material that allows for the use of wireless technology.

With up to 40 hours of battery life, they will ensure a long-lasting experience and provide high-quality sound. The sleek design ensures it can be used on any occasion.

The headphones also feature multifunction on-ear controls, which allow for making and taking calls, controlling your music, and even having Siri activated with ease.

And there are still lots of other instruments that he might be using. It is tough to say because most of those instruments were never mentioned anywhere. 

Conclusion: What DAW Does Kanye Use?

We don’t know if Kanye West has used any DAW at all to create his sound. After a lot of reading and research, he seems to have admitted that he uses as many hardware sampling instruments as DAW’s to produce his sound.

That is surprising as most people expect him to use Pro Tools or some other popular DAWs. 

I hope you found this blog post educational as it clarifies what Kanye does in the studio and whether or not a DAW was used. Let us know what your thoughts are on the subject!

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