Why Do Metalheads Headbang: You Need To Read This!

Metal music is a genre of rock that relies heavily on fast tempos, loud guitars, and aggressive vocals. It’s no surprise then that metalheads headbang to show their appreciation for the genre.

Headbanging has become an art form in itself; it’s not just about shaking your head back and forth as you would with any other kind of music, but feeling the rhythm by using your whole body to move in time with the beat.

Why Do Metalheads Headbang

Who Created Head Banging?

The origin of the phrase “headbanging” is uncertain. It’s possible that the word “headbanger” was first used during Led Zeppelin’s first US tour in 1969. Audience members in the first row were banging their heads against the stage in time with the music at a Boston Tea Party concert venue.

It is also worth considering that several musicians, including Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, were known to have practiced headbanging. 

Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath are among the first known headbangers, as seen in the video of their performance in Paris, 1970.

The term “headbanger” has its origins in the name of Motörhead’s Lemmy, according to Lemmy from Motörhead, but might have originated in the band’s name as a phrase such as “Motorheadbanger.”

The technique was popularized by Angus Young of AC/DC, who popularized the term “crunch” and its association with the rock genre.

In the 1950s, early televised performances of Jerry Lee Lewis showed young male fans with hair that copied Lewis’s style, in which his front locks would fall in front of his face. In a manner similar to headbanging, Lewis would constantly flip his hair back away from his face, prompting the audience to follow suit in rapid repetition.

How Do You Headbang?

The technique of headbanging is fairly self-explanatory but does require some explanation. For example, the rhythm in which you move your head should match that of the music, typically around 90 to 180 beats per minute (BPM). As a result, most metal songs are around 135-200 BPM.

To properly headbang, long hair is a bonus. The long hair will help you to move your head in the desired direction like a pro.

The only way metalheads can truly feel their music is by moving along with it, and nothing does that quite like a good old-fashioned headbang!

Is It Bad to Headbang?

Headbanging is not only common in metal but also in rock music. But can headbanging be bad? The technique has been around since the birth of heavy metal music itself, so it’s very unlikely that this will do any sort of damage to your body or brain.

The most likely impact on someone who headbangs is the fact that it can be dangerous. Though not very common, injuries like whiplash or muscle strain are real possibilities for someone who doesn’t know how to headbang properly.

It’s perfectly okay to get your body involved in your music if you wish; make sure you’re doing so safely!

Can Headbanging Damage Your Brain?

Headbanging can be dangerous, but it’s unlikely to cause any sort of damage to your brain.

While you might assume that shaking your head back and forth so hard could do some serious damage, in the long run, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence that suggests this is true.

While the technique might be a bit rough on your neck and shoulders, it doesn’t seem to have much impact on overall brain health.

Can You Break Your Neck from Headbanging?

There are some risks involved in headbanging, but breaking your neck is not one of them.

It’s very unlikely that you would ever break your neck while simply getting into the spirit of metal music and giving it a bit of an enthusiastic shake once in a while.

The most likely injuries to come out of headbanging are far less severe, including neck strain or whiplash.

Conclusion – Why Do Metalheads Headbang

Headbanging is a fun way to get into the spirit of metal music, whether you’re at home listening or enjoying it live! While there are some risks involved with this technique, they don’t seem particularly serious.

Hopefully, by now, you understand exactly why headbanging is so common in metal music, and if you are an avid fan of metal music, you should try headbanging for yourself!

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