Why Do Singers Take Out Their Earpieces: Explained For Beginners

One of the most peculiar things about concerts is why singers take out their earpieces.

The truth is, there are a few possible reasons why this happens: either they want to hear their fans and interact better with them, or the earpiece has malfunctioned. Or maybe it’s just not correctly mixed in by producers on stage!

Thankfully, we’re here to break down why this happens so you can get back to enjoying your concert!

What Exactly Are The Earpieces Singers Used? 

The earpieces singers used are not just normal earpieces. A sound engineer specially designs them to allow musicians to hear themselves perform as a monitor. Still, they’ve grown into so much more than that. These specially made earpieces are called In-Ear Monitor or, in short, IEM.

Before IEM, singers mainly used floor monitor speakers, which is also pretty good. Still, the extra ambient noise can sometimes be overwhelming.

In the past, TV presenters would have to wait for instructions from producers. Now they can use earpieces that pick up vocal instructions from a producer broadcasting live on different platforms like radio stations or TV shows. So this makes it easier for them to talk with people off-camera while delivering an engaging show!

In-ear monitors are a lot like headphones but with some key differences. Headphone speakers typically have one central driver to produce sound in each ear.

In-ears often use three or more drivers. These smaller microphones must be configured differently since they’re inserted into your head rather than just sitting on top of it.

My Recommended Earpiece

1) Audio Technica ATH-IM04 SonicPro

The Audio-Technica ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphones are the perfect choice for professional musicians and audio engineers. These headphones feature dual phase push-pull drivers that deliver exceptional accuracy and clarity in monitoring applications. The flexible memory cable loops around the ears so it stays on.

The specially designed housing provides isolation from outside noise so that you can focus on your music. An included carrying case, silicone ear tips, and 6.3 mm (1/4″) plug-on adapter makes these headphones ready to go anywhere you need them to.

2) Sennheiser IE 40 Pro.

Sennheiser’s IE 40 PRO is an innovative in-ear monitor with a dynamic, 10 mm driver unit for warm high-resolution sound. The IE 40 PRO reduces acoustic stress through precise, dissonance-free reproduction even at maximum sound levels.

The earphones fit comfortably and securely. They have a special shape that fits around your ears and is easy to wear on stage or anywhere else. The wires are inside the earphones, so you don’t need to worry about them getting pulled out when moving around.

Why Do Singers Wear Earpieces During Live Shows?

Before we get into the details of why singers take out their earpieces, let’s first take a look at why they wear them in the first place.

To Monitor Their Voice and Vocal Effects

As we mentioned before, the earpieces allow singers to hear themselves better, and live shows are no different. This is why singers use them during their performances because they want to make sure that everything sounds good for themselves and audiences alike!

Some singers who are more used to singing in studios or at home might not be as comfortable with the earpieces. Still, it’s definitely something that they should get used to!

To Protect Themselves From The Loud Sound

A lot of pop and heavy metal singers often need these earpieces to protect their hearing. We all know how loud some concerts can get, especially when you’re in the middle of a mosh pit!

The sound levels can be overwhelming, and it can lead to hearing damage if you don’t protect your ear, which is why many musicians use IEM.

To Receive Instructions From Their Audio Engineers or Sound Techs

Sometimes problems with vocals might not be noticeable until it’s too late. Sometimes, there could be a small issue that only the sound managers hear in their earphones. They need to communicate it to the performer immediately so they can fix this problem without interrupting the energy of fans!

Singing With A Metronome

Sometimes singers like to sing with a metronome to count their beats and stay on the right rhythm.

By using IEM, singers can easily listen to the beats and stay on track!

So, Why Do Singers Take Out Their Earpieces?

We now know the importance of using an earpiece, especially in a live show. But why do singers take them out?

To Hear Their Fans And To Interact Better With Them

Performers often take out their earpieces to be able to hear the fans and interact with them better! As the In-Ear Monitors are very tightly adjusted to your ear, singers find it very difficult to hear the audience.

Sometimes, while they are performing on stage, singers might find it difficult to hear their fans singing along or even shouting out loud! So many singers take out their earpieces when they want to interact with their fans!

Mixing Is Not Correct

Sometimes your monitor mixer could be faulty and doesn’t work properly with your mic, which is why singers need to remove them in order for them to fix this issue fast!

Or there are times when the mixing isn’t done well enough that it needs some professional attention from sound engineers! So, when this type of problem arises, singers find it very hard to monitor their voice clearly, which is why they take out their earpieces.

Malfunction Of The Earpiece

And finally, there are times when the earpieces malfunction that why singers need to remove them! Like we mentioned before, these high-end IEMs can be very pricey, which is why they’re built to last.

But as IEM is a very complicated design, it can easily malfunction due to the complex engineering of the device! This is why singers take out their earpieces because there could be an issue with them.

Conclusion – Why Do Singers Take Out Their Earpieces

An earpiece is a very important component for singers, and it can greatly help them in their singing career.

If you are going to sing live, make sure that your sound quality is up to par with an earpiece like the Audio Technica ATH-IM04 SonicPro or Sennheiser IE 40 Pro. 

You should take out your earphones if there is a problem with the performance. For example, you can’t hear what is being played back on stage because of bad audio levels or one side doesn’t work properly.

A good performer will always look into how both sides work before they put them back in because they care about their craft and want it done right!


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